Scottish Futures Trust – International Study

Scotland BIM

We have an exciting announcement, the Scottish Futures Trust have asked us to deploy our minds on an international BIM Benchmarking Study!

BIM2050 are keen to support Scotland’s adoption of BIM Level 2. We have been asked by David Philp, Chair of the Scottish Future Trust’s BIM Delivery Group to undertake a study of other nations to understand how Governments have driven the adoption of BIM through their projects and supply chains and where areas of best practice can be found.

The structure of the study will be as follows:
1. Desk study to identify a number of BIM Measures against which adoption can be measured such as Policy, Guidance, Standards etc
2. Interview and survey with international BIM Stakeholders to describe strategies and success
3. Scorecards for each nation in the study which will identify
a. Drivers for BIM adoption
b. Strategies for driving adoption (Mandate, statutory compliance, procurement, etc)
c. Maturity of adoption for each measure
d. Key Lessons
4. Recommendations

The output will be a number of key recommendations for Government bodies to drive BIM Adoption through their country.​

Please follow @BIMregScot on Twitter to keep up with their progress and please contact us if you want to get involved (


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