Mind-boggling Infobesity

Alex Lubbock ruminates on the lived experience of change….

It occurred to me that we are still only appealing to a small minority of our sector in relation to change and technology. We throw infographics, social media, videos and various other content at people and in the built environment we still aren’t getting the ‘Pull Factor’.

Then I thought to myself, this is a really emotive subject. Most people are passionate about technology and change in their personal lives whether positively or negatively and with passion and emotion people can become offensive or defensive (Fight or Flight) and default to their comfort zone in regards to how they act.

How do we as BIMites and the Build Environment Technology sector respond? Throw more information and statistics and sales patter moving at a speed closer to light in comparison to the ‘industrie escargot’ that is construction. What is the impact of this input? More entrenched rhetoric and denial or resistance to change.


We need to get the resisters to become explorers and support them to be so. For those still in denial, the government mandate for BIM and Digital beyond will mop up, but I believe the people we must target are the resistors and to do this, our communication strategy needs to change. It needs to be clear and engaging and share the opportunity for the individual.

Communication is critical and the more we throw tech and info at this group, the more they resist. Focus on what we control and dive deep to support these individuals that we don’t control to influence their transition to engaging for change before we repeat our mistakes with Digital Transformation for UK Plc.

Alex Lubbock is BIM Development Manager at Carillion, and represents the CIOB within the BIM2050 Group


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