AsBricked: the next revolution in Actual Reality.

BIM2050 are happy to announce our unwavering and unyielding support for AsBricked: the next revolution in AR (Actual Reality).

Pasted image at 2016_04_01 08_20 (1)

This is a virtual headset with a person attached

The AsBricked system is a JFDI platform for the creation of a new kind of as-built model. We call it Virtual Actual (VA). Virtual Actual (VA) takes its inspiration from the concept of building twice. Once virtually and the second time actually. Virtual actual (VA) smashes these concepts together in a euphoria inducing shower of digital babble and real life people, removing all the waste inherent in building twice, when once is actually fine thank you very much indeed.

AsBricked (AB) is about developing models that once would have required the use of complex virtual reality headsets, mind bending computer graphics, next generation buzzwords and state of the art floors for people to stand on. No Longer.

With AsBricked (AB) the virtual model and the actual model are constructed simultaneously, reducing the inefficiencies inherent in faffing about designing things before they go to site where they are invariably redesigned on the fly anyway. As soon as a brick is laid it is immediately added to the Virtual Actual Model (VAM) ensuring that the design and the construction work seamlessly together (D&CWST).

Pasted image at 2016_04_01 08_20

This is what we like to call a “Brick Wall” (BW)

AsBricked (AB) Actual Reality (AR) integrates seamlessly with a long standing industry practice called Design It How I Built It Already (DIHIBIA) and our revolutionary new procurement methodology Build & Design (B&D) which ensures that design models integrate absolutely seamlessly with the built asset. Why you ask? Why do this, you scream once more while desperately trying to understand the purpose of this arcane practice? Why! You scream a third time, that vein on your forehead popping out like it does when you’re really angry. Well hopefully you’ve forgotten the question. We certainly have.

Pasted image at 2016_04_01 08_27

AsBricked, making hay while the sun shines

However, if you still have any questions, AsBricked (AB) has already generated a three hundred page manual that is utterly impenetrable without having been to at least thirty of our internal meetings. In it you can find over six thousand new acronyms  (that’s 20 new acronyms a page!), and over a thousand of our all new acronyms of acronyms (AOA) for when TLAs go OTT. If questions are your thing, then In the manual you will find even more questions to heap upon your existing questions ensuring that you are never short of questions. As an added bonus we have included a number of hidden Easter eggs, if you look closely at important points we have moved the rest of the sentence into a document that we haven’t created yet! Questions for everyone! (QfE)

If after all of that you have questions that you think only a person can answer, we have also developed a strong community (SC) around AsBricked (AB). Our generous and even handed zealots are available on all major social media channels to tell you that you don’t really understand AsBricked (AB) and it would be better if you just left it to the experts.

According to our rigorous and not at all done in the pub after one too many pints calculations, AsBricked (AB) has already saved the government £10,000,000,000. So the question is, can you afford to miss out? Well if you want to miss out that’s fine, we have an in no way sinister plan to make you do it anyway regardless of what you think or believe. That’s right mandate lovers, we are in negotiations to make AsBricked (AB) mandatory on all major and minor garden wall projects. Soon garden walls across the land will be built by this method and there’s nothing you can do to halt progress. NOTHING!

For reasons entirely beyond our control, AsBricked is currently chronically underfunded, please support AsBricked from as little as £1 a month or as much as your health, marriage and sanity!

AsBricked “We’re bricking it” coming soon to Digital Construction Week.

(See you there, this bit is true, the bit about attending Digital Construction Week)


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